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Clyde Green's sister and niece -practicing witch craft - NEED salvation!

Clyde's sister Carolyn Green age 53, called today.  She told him she was happier than ever - and that she was 'Wiccan' - she believes that Mother Earth is her higher power.  She practices witchcraft and says she talks to her parents in another realm every day.  Clyde was very bold - telling her that Jesus was the only way to heaven and that she would go to hell forever if she didn't believe in God - He told her that he looked forward to seeing his Mom and Dad in heaven and that it really upset him to think that she'd be in hell.  Her youngest daughter is also a practicing witch - Kimberly is 30 years old.

Please join us in praying for their salvation and give us wisdom as we witness to them. God has a GOOD plan for them - We're claiming Jer. 29:11 for them.  Both the sister and the niece have had very troubled lives. Blessings.

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